with our on-the-go lifestyles, it's pretty easy to forget to notice how we're breathing, or if we even are at all. one of the most common things I see in people: the shallow, chest breathing. we're all guilty of such shallowness. the breath gets all caught up in our chest and we barely let oxygen reach the bottom of our lungs. this stresses us even further. it creates tension in the body, and keeps those racing thoughts cluttered in our heads. when we can truly drop into the breath, bring it in from the base of the belly, and fill allllll the way up...that's when we're actually breathing. try it & notice how you feel...

fló's personal favorite breathing technique for stress relief:

  • the relaxing breath

sit up tall with each backbone stacked on top of the next, from the tailbone all the way into the back of the neck.
-to begin take a deep sigh out through the mouth.
-on an inhale, close the mouth and breathe in through your nose to the count of 4.
-pause at the top of your breath for 7 counts (notice if your body is automatically tensing-up here...try to stay at ease in the body).
-exhale as loudly as you wish for a full count of 8. repeat up to 3 times.

this method brings the body out of stress/fight or flight mode and brings us back to the parasympathetic/at ease mode. we operate more clearly from this place and use our energy more efficiently.