Coffee beans have been a part of human culture for ages. Back in the hunter-gatherer times, hunters would grab two or three coffee beans & give them a chew before their next venture out into the wild. Even during battle times, coffee beans provided humans with a quick jolt of energy & stamina before such a taxing feat. 

Today, we consume quite a few more than three beans, just so we can walk to our cars for work in the morning. What. Happened. With the rise of consumerism, productivity, and capitalism, we've had lots of expectation put on us. We've got a lot more responsibility than bringing home food to put on the table. Sure, it might be easier to stop by the grocery and grab a rotisserie chicken than it might've been to cut a chicken's head off in the backyard, but have we sacrificed simplicity for the sake of productivity? 

In our current world, it makes sense why we think we need that cup of coffee before taking on the day...with 7 text messages to respond to, 8 bills to pay, 79 emails in our inboxes, a stop to get gas, trying to maintain healthy relationships with not only our families (tribes) but also with everyone else we see in a day...oh yeah and don't forget to eat and sleep, because those things somehow fall by the wayside. Inherently, in our smart little cell's memory banks, we remember what simplicity feels like. When truly all we needed to survive in a day was to eat, sleep, and love. So before you carry on with your hectic life and try to quit coffee at the same time, try quitting something else that drains you of your energy. Let's keep it simple. 

Now, we can bring in the plant allies that are here to sustain and build energy in our bodies for the long term....plants like ginkgo, ginseng, & nettles are here to take over. Rather than feeling that caffeinated spike...we can feel sustained energy, longevity, and higher adrenal support to get us, not just through the day, but through life. When we're operating from a consistent level of energy (which can also be improved by diet & exercise) our bodies function from a healthier level from within, rather than having to outsource by downing espresso shots.

"Caffeine-based stimulants may give us a temporary boost, but in the long run they increase fatigue by overstimulating the body and exhausting the adrenal glands. Chronic health problems, including symptoms that resemble chronic fatigue syndrome, have been observed in people who use caffeine long-term." -The Herbal Drugstore by Linda B. White, M.D. , Steven Foster, & Herbs for Health

Here is a LIST OF NON-CAFFEINATED PLANTS that will give your body the energy it's been looking for:

      more reasons to quit coffee: save paper cups/excess waste,                save trees, save land, save water, save environment. 

      more reasons to quit coffee: save paper cups/excess waste,
             save trees, save land, save water, save environment. 

STINGING NETTLE- nutrient dense, supports adrenal function, boosts immune system
GINSENG- natural stimulant, general tonic, adaptogen, increases vitality
ASHWAGANDA- adaptogen, promotes healthy stress response, improves longevity
GINKGO- improves cognitive function, memory support, mental focus (plant Adderall)
REISHI MUSHROOM- adaptogen, tonic, immune stimulant
ASTRAGALUS- general tonic, boosts energy
LICORICE- adrenal tonic, increases energy, anti-inflammatory
MACA- mild stimulant, aphrodisiac, increases focus

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