the "A" word

We’ve all felt it before. Some of us feel it daily, others less often. Anxiety, the leading mental ailment in our society, has had a rampant takeover on the minds of thousands of people. Why? We can point the finger at our culture, our food, our habits…and while many of these (along with our lifestyle habits) are contributing factors, it often comes down to guiding our thoughts to cross over to a more loving perspective.

Of course there are times when it isn’t so easy: when we just aren’t feeling balanced or have health issues that make a simple mindset change seem like an inhumanly impossible feat. In these chronic cases, there are a plethora of prescription drugs on the market that can be useful to those who need extra support. It’s pretty miraculous that modern medicine has created something like this for the many who struggle. However, the more I talk to people, the more it seems that the vast majority don’t want to rely on taking a chemical pill (with poor side effects) everyday just to feel like themselves.

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After struggling with anxiety for over six years, my lifelong friend and cousin, Sara, is officially Xanax free and managing her anxiety completely naturally. Sara and I grew up together, 3 months apart, 3 houses away in the same neighborhood, and in the same grade at the same school from kindergarten through college. And we’re from the same family<3. Anxiety is something that runs through the veins of our mothers’ side, something that isn’t often talked about, but mutually felt by our relatives. Have you ever heard the phrase: “It runs in the family….and this is where it runs the f*ck out.” ? This makes me want to clap and wave my hands in the air for Sara. Maybe soon I’ll be doing the same for you.

While this recent surge of anxiety has been swirling around, so has the term “epigenetics”. For years, we’ve placed our pre-disposed genetic flaws first in the blame-line of why we have disease (or imbalances). And yet, we each hold an individual power to create a change and to regain that equilibrium, setting the imbalance straight not only for ourselves but for our future generations. This healing of the self sends light back through our ancestral lineage while opening doors for those who come after us. Sara’s pathway to self-healing has been curvy, up and down, and non-linear, yet she’s made it and is making it every day. I asked her a few questions about her journey in hopes that some of you may be able to relate, find inspiration, or feel empowered by her answers. As always, feel free to reach out for further advice or guidance. Cheers to living a “freeing” life.

Love, FLO


(please pardon our familial language at times towards one another;)

Alana: What has been the most challenging part about reaching the Xanax-free climax?

Sara: I would say the hardest part has been conditioning myself not to fear since fear is the basis of all anxiety and really fuels the fire. It’s been a long process but by slowly picking away at fear I’ve gradually become less afraid of anxiety itself and have become more able to enjoy life instead of worrying how I’m going to feel when I wake up each day.

Alana: What has been the most helpful resource to you?

Sara: Other people in general have been the best resource. Both the people who don’t understand what but care and want to listen. And the people who know exactly what I’ve gone through and can relate. I’ve found that just talking about it and being open about it has been the most helpful thing of all. And I hate when other people feel like they can’t do that. Screw the stigma - there are a lot more people in the same boat than most people realize.

Also I really do recommend that book you gave me. I don’t think you need to read it cover to cover but there were certain parts that related to me more so. Those taught me a lot and gave me some really helpful tips

“Hope and Help for Your Neves” by Dr. Claire Weekes

Alana: What gave you the most comfort when it felt difficult?

Sara: Andy (my husband) and my mom comforted me the most. When I felt like I couldn’t live a normal daily life because of my anxiety and panic attacks, they would come sit with me at work until I calmed down.

Alana: What’s your best advice to others who are working towards going prescription free?

Sara: I would actually probably say don’t be afraid to take prescription medicine in the thick of things. It doesn’t make you a weaker person. When things are really tough they can help in a bind. But I also think it’s important to commit to taking other steps - usually more difficult ones - to heal yourself long-term. Once you put healthy lifestyle choices into practice, it’s a lot easier to get off mainstream meds and I think feel better in general.

Alana: What does it feel like to no longer rely on a daily dose, and to now trust & rely on your inner amazing self?

Sara: Freeing.

our moms together on my mom’s wedding day

our moms together on my mom’s wedding day

sara &amp; i together on her wedding day

sara & i together on her wedding day