the greatest merger of all

The most ideal situation (and pretty possible situation) would be the merging of modern Western medicine with ancient energy medicine. There is room for both. There is need for both.

If you’ve been run over by a tractor, meditation and hawthorn berries aren’t going to save you. The reverse is true: when our bodies are shutting down because of stress, a surgeon isn’t able to cut us open and remove the stress, or give us a magic pill to melt it all away. These modalities are equally important and valuable, and could work wonders if we only chose to implement them both where they’re needed. 

For a long time, I was angry at modern Western medicine, because I was relying on it to solve issues that simply needed lifestyle changes and energy healing instead. When we view ourselves as a whole beautiful mass of vibrational cells, we’re reminded that our bodies aren’t machines we can just press a button on and fix. We’re much more complex, unique, and profound than that. 

Love is truly the ultimate healer...when we infuse that into our lives, every cell in our body responds and vibrates on a healthier level. Thank you @healdocumentary @kelly.c.humes @megbarrick @oldforestfarm and everyone else out there for talking about this topic and bringing it to light