A few years ago, I was driving home after teaching a yoga class, feeling frazzled and frantic to get to my next destination. Per usual, I was trying to keep track of the rest of the day’s plans in my head. rushing from one thing to the next. For just leaving a place of zen, it blew my mind how quickly I had been sucked back into the busyness of life. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a young boy cruised past my car on his bike. As he pedaled by in a steady rhythm, torso swaying side to side, I heard him yell “It’s all. Very. SIMPLE!!!!!!”

I glanced around to see who he was yelling toward: no one in sight. I don’t know what he meant or who he was talking to, but I was certain that I was meant to hear those words, loud and clear.

This is the way nature operates: it’s all very simple. And this is why we have become so far removed from nature: lack of simplicity. When we think about how many emails we get per day, notifications on our phones that create seconds of distraction (that often lead to minutes of removal from the moment.) The amount of people we keep track of, the bookings in our schedules, the data we intake…it’s a lot. It’s overwhelming.

When we remember our ancestral roots and the way they operated, we remember: Waking with the sun. Resting when it set. Harmonizing with nature instead of fighting against it. Pausing to have a meal. Having a simple, rhythmic routine. This was simple. This was freeing.

What is one way you can simplify your life today? Try cutting out one distraction. Or more. Maybe place a limit on screentime. Take a walk outside. Go to bed earlier. Whatever the first thing is that comes to your mind, begin it.

And remember: