presence-essential oil blend


presence-essential oil blend


be. here. now. 

cedarwood- anti-inflammatory, respiratory aid, promotes even & rhythmic breathing
vetiver- a calming, grounding relaxant
balsam fir- soothing & rejuvenating, natural mood-booster
hops strobile- mild sedative, calms nerve stress & debility
sunflower oil- rich in vitamins & minerals
love- from Flo to you, from you to yourself

roll onto pressure points
rub into palms & massage around hairline, neck, and temples
massage into bottoms of the feet
simply inhale as aromatherapy

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VETIVER is a grass indigenous to India, with roots that grow far, deep, and straight into the ground. This plant can grow practically anywhere, making the effects of its oils very stabilizing, grounding, and calming. Its smell is sweet, with quite a bit of earthiness. Try vetiver on its own and feel the difference in your overall mental state...powerful stuff