soul-essential oil blend


soul-essential oil blend



sandalwood: promotes respiratory health; mild sedative
frankincense: soothes tension
myrhh: promotes emotional balance & wellbeing
holy jerusalem oil: anciently used in spiritual practices of anointment
calendula flower: anti-aging
sunflower oil: rich in vitamin e
love: from fló to you, from you to yourself

roll onto pressure points
rub into palms & massage around hairline, neck, and temples
massage into bottoms of the feet
simply inhale as aromatherapy

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did you know......?

applying essential oils to the bottoms of the feet is one of the most reactive methods of use. the soles of the feet have thousands of receptors that send information upward through our bodies and into our brains. when we're constantly walking around with rubber-soled shoes on cement floors, our feet lose the ability to receive those pulsations upward. just a little love to the feet everyday does the body a whole lotta' goodness! 

*consider looking into more information on reflexology/how different areas of the feet serve as pressure points to the rest of your body for extra-healing effects